10 Top Tips for Teenagers Searching for a Job

Job SearchSo you want a part time, full time or Summer job? Maybe you’re sick of begging your parents for money or you’re saving for a new car, flat or to go to University. Maybe you’re living at home and want to contribute to the family income stream. Whatever the reason for you wanting a job or new career the following 10 tips will help all Teenagers to find one.

Tip 1: Put together a ‘perfect’ CV. Some part time jobs that you may be considering may not require a CV so why should you bother writing one? Job hunting is all about you standing out from the crowd – creating a perfectly formatted CV and giving it to prospective employers can give you the edge that you need to land the job.

If you are having difficulty and feeling frustrated writing your CV then check out CV writers who will write a perfect and professional high impact CV for you for as little as £10. They will also give you 50mb of cloud storage so you will never forget your CV is stored.

Tip 2: Work as hard as you can in School / College. Potential employers are more likely to hire teenagers who are doing well or have completed school / college with good grades. Employers will look at the classes you have taken and any out of school activities that you took part in.

Tip 3: Appearance matters. Make sure when you head out the door to search for a job or to go to an interview you are dressed appropriately and well groomed. You do not have to wear a suit but make sure you look presentable. Whilst your friends may think it is cool to wear nose or tongue rings some employers will still frown upon these in the workplace.

Tip 4: Develop a job search strategy. Do some online research about what type of jobs you would like to apply for and the places where you can look. There are many jobs available online that you can apply. for. However if it’s a part time babysitter job that you want you probably won’t find this on the Internet and would be best looking in your local area, in the newspaper or at the help wanted boards in your local newsagent. A job search strategy will help savge you a little time and energy.

Tip 5: Learn about the companies you are applying for. Look online at their website and find out more about who you are applying for. When you share this information at Interview the employer will be happy that you have taken an interest.

Tip 6: Learn how to complete application forms correctly. As well as looking to find out about you, employers are also looking for neatness and accuracy on application forms. If you misspell words and have terrible handwriting then it’s unlikely you will even be considered for an interview.

Top 7: Stand up straight and look mature. First impressions do matter. If you walk in with your head down, slouching and looking shy then chances are you won’t have a chance at getting the job. Keep your head up, look confident, maintain eye contact and keep eye contact at all times.

Tip 8: Practice selling yourself. One of the best tips for job seekers is to be able to show employers why you are the right person for the job. You also need to show why you are better than other teenagers who may be applying for the same job.

Tip 9: Prepare yourself for rejection. Before you make any applications you should prepare yourself for the word ‘No.’ Nobody gets accepted at every single place they apply for a job. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a shop owner saying “I’m sorry we don’t have any vacancies at the moment.” However there is a right and wrong way for you to respond. If you get a few “No, I’m sorry” then you should respond by saying “If you are hiring in the future, please let me know. I will leave you a copy of my CV. Thank you for your time.” This shows the shop owner that you are serious about wanting the job and have demonstrated your ability to follow up. If you were to just walk away without a single word the shop owner will think you didn’t really want the job to begin with.

Top 10: Always follow up. This is one of the most important tips we can give when it comes to getting a job. All employers look for candidates who have the ability to follow up as it shows you are responsible and willing to get involved. If you don’t hear anything back within a week then make a follow up call to the person that is doing the hiring. Do not just leave a message and hope that it gets through to the right person.

One final piece of advice is to be persistent. When you go to ask for job vacancies always ask if the manager or person who is responsible for hiring is available. If they are not then ask when they will be available and come back at that time. Keep following up until you get an Interview or they tell you that they are not interested in hiring you.

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